Individual dwellings

Individual dwellings – For the habitat

Aquapure Systems develops two filtration technologies according to needs and budget, adapted to the constraints of individual houses (size, height, weight, etc.)

Aquapure Systems equipment can treat “gray” water, that is to say water coming from the evacuation of showers and bathrooms, but also optionally from kitchens (sink and washing machine). The treatment can be done either by system of disc filters and membrane filtration, or by membrane bioreactor.
The system requires inexpensive gray water collection at the time of construction or pumping of polluted water. The residues will be evacuated to a sewer or a pit.

Production capacity500L / Day to 42m3 / Hour

The storage capacity required will depend on the seasonality of requirements. In France, the system must meet the recommendations of the ANSES report on water quality controls.

Our equipment is connected to a remote monitoring site allowing its proper functioning to be checked.
The Aquapure Systems equipment meeting its needs are: ASO1 and ASO5

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